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Compulsory Education

KICTE Compulsory Education
Construction Engineer in Design & Build
  • In accordance with Construction Technology Promotion Act Article 20 and its Enforcement Decree Article 42, this course will enhance the knowledge and understanding of theconstruction-related laws and instit;utions whiich constructtion engineers shall possess.
Construction Management (CM)
  • With rising concern for CM and necessity recognition, the objective of this course is to obtain overall understandingand develop practical application abilityon CM.
Quality Control Manager
  • This training aims to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the construction-related laws and institutions to be equipped as a a quality control manager
  • Initial course : this course is offered for those who a frst perform as a quality control manager in the frst three year.
  • Upgrade course : this course is offered for those who already met the requirement of a certain qualification and experience and get higher technical grade than current one. want to Continued
  • course : a quality control manager who received the initial training and has carried out the job should take this course within a period of six months before or after the date of three Years.
Professional Level Engineer
  • This course is offered for a professional level engineer who is placed on the construction site in accordance with Article 40, paragraph 1 of Framework Act on the Construction lndustry or a responsible engineer of construction service project that an ordering organization orders more than notified amount in accordance with Article 51. paragraph 1 (including sector responsible engineer)