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Vocational Training

KICTE Vocational Training
  • Construction industry is national key industries which are directly related to people's lives and safety. It has been a cornerstone of the national competitiveness so thatthe role of construction workers is very large.

    But the reality is that young people are reluctant to enter the construction labor market and the construction workforce is aging, which bring imbalance between supply and demand. Furthermore, due to lack of skilled workers, the construction period is delayed and quality is reduced. As a result, these can lead to the deterioration of national competitiveness caused by production costs raise and inflation.

    Thus the government designated KICTE as professional education institute to foster professional construction workforce with on-site practice-based training.
Architechture Interior Course
  • Construction is one of the necessities of life among food, clothing, and shelter. This course is to train the technicians to construct the space structurally safe to human body by using the harmless coating materials and to create comfortable space.
Interior Design Course
  • This course is to train interior designers, eco-friendly green home designers and construction technicians that can perform planning, design and construction. Trainees will learn how to draw figures and read green space design drawings (with CAD and the SKETCH UP). Also, they will learn basic functions such as prerequisite knowledge for interior architecture, carpentry, electrical works, interior finishing work, ocher plasterwork, and ocher tiles to create more efficient space.
Green Environment Equipment Course
  • The government set a goal to provide one million Green Home by 2020. To meet the target, this course aims to cultivate competent technicians required by the industry by providing both theoretical and practical training ina variety of green energy equipment feld such as photovoltaic, solar thermal, geothermal, small wind systems, boilers, air-conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing equipment, welding equipment and etc.
Special Welding Course
  • This course is designed to train excellent special welding technicianis combining held work and knowledge :
  • how to operate, install, and maintenance of various special welding equipment
  • how to cut and weld iron of nonferrousmetal materials, and
  • how to produce and repair industrial facilities of construction, shipbuilding, machinery, vehicles and etc.