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  • How are the programs structured?

    Most KICTE programs are structured in 4 key components - lectures, hands-on training, study visits, and field trips.

    Due to the program characteristics, the components can be varied.

  • I'm a government official in country. I would like to request a training program for our collegues. To whom do I need to contact?

    Each KICTE program is organized as customized programs.


    1. You can download the program request form from our website.

    2. Submit the completed application by e-mail or fax.

    3. You will receive the respond from our team within 3 days.

  • What is the usual class size?

    Most classes usually consist of 10-20 participants.

    However, our team organizes programs for the smaller or larger group when requested.

    For assistant please call +82-32-460-0174~5 or email or

  • When will I receive the program schedule?

    Approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the program,

    you are able to receive the detailed program schedule via e-mail.

  • What can I expect on the first day?

    Most programs begin with opening session and welcome dinner on the first day.

  • What can I expect on the last day?

    Most programs close early in the afternoon of the final day to allow participants to make preparations for travel.

  • Should I bring my laptop?

    Participants are encouraged to bring own laptop, tablet, or other devices to use for program,

    but this is not required.

    We also offer laptop rental service to participants and wireless Internet access for free.

  • What personal items should I bring to participate in the program?

    Lecture materials and other items for training will be provided by KICTE.

    ?Participants are encouraged to bring their own toiletries, medicine, cosmetics. and etc.

    for your convenience although you are able to purchase those items near institute.

  • Are special meals available?

    During the program, meals are served at cafeteria.

    Whether you would like a special meal according to your dietary or a meal

    to meet your ethnic and regligious requirements, we will comply with your choice.

    You can specify your dietary when submit the application.

    Following are available:

    vegetarian meal (contains no fish or meat),

    Hindu meal (contains no pork or beef),

    and Moslem meal (contains no pork or gelatin).

  • Are accommodations available for extended visits or for family member?

    Accommodations are not available for early arrival, late departure, or family members.